We understand that hygiene is more important now than ever.

We take the following steps to ensure that you have a safe experience:


  • All tour bookings are treated as private tours (at no additional cost).
  • We clean each vehicle with disinfectant wipes after every use with special attention to the parts that you touch (handlebars, brake levers, bell, buttons and the seat).
  • We have hand sanitizer available and our colleague will ask you to use it upon arrival.
  • Our guides will be keeping their distance from you during the tour. Let’s be honest: telling stories about the city loudly enough for every participant to hear it perfectly while wearing a mask and standing at least 2 meters from you can be challenging, but your guide will have a discussion with you before the tour starts so that you can choose a solution that you’re all comfortable with. 

Available information suggests that small-group outdoor activities pose a relatively small risk of infection, especially in a private group where you are surrounded by the people who you travel together with. However, you should generally try to avoid crowded spaces even outdoors.

Official information in English about the Coronavirus situation in Curaçao is available here.