Do I need a driver's license?

No, these electric scooters are a motorized vehicle, not a motor vehicle, so no driving license is required.

What is needed to participate?

– Age limitations: Must be 15+ years old for guided tours (under adult 21+ supervision) need to have bicycle experience.
– Must have a valid photo ID card we make a picture/copy that is left as deposit during tours (one document per group).
– Drivers must be sober during use. Arriving in an intoxicated state voids participation and cancels tour without refund.
– You can read our complete terms & conditions by click here.

Are these hard to ride?

The handling of the Iguana Ride e-scooters is very easy, If you know how to ride a bicycle you will surf on an Iguana Ride e-scooter but we Got you covered, each tour includes a training session where our expert team members show you how to handle the vehicles so that everyone can head out feeling confident.  All of our routes use primarily low-traffic routes to guarantee a safe and relaxed ride.    

Do you provide helmets?

,’We will provide clean and colorful helmets to anyone for free, by the way it’s obligated  (be safe, wear one!)

How can I book?

 You can book through our online reservation system, by WhatsApp +5999 670-1904, phone or                                                            email: Please arrive 10 minutes before your booked start time.
Please note that we require advance payment for reservations, except for same-day bookings made over the phone.

How should I dress?

It’s gonna be fun, “fast but not furious” moving outdoor activity.  So comfortable clothes and “sneakers”, sunscreen and sunglasses are the most common items to bring.

Where does my tour start from?

Your starting location is displayed on the WhatsApp you receive upon booking. 
Please check your WhatsApp for your exact departure point.

What happens if it rains?

If it rains while you are on your Iguana ride you will get wet but “it never rains in Curacao and if it rain it’s sunshine liquid🌞” If it snows, the ride is free! But seriously, for your safety and ours should it rain before your ride you will have the option to put a rain jacket or reschedule.



Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, you will have to sign our waiver before the tour begins. Guardians must sign for anyone under 18year.

Can I rent a unit without a guide?

NO. Iguana Ride e-Scooters are private live guided tours only. 

Do you require a deposit?

None deposit required.

What is your cancellation policy?

Free cancellations are available up to 48 hours before start time. After then, a 100% cancellation fee is charged.